Suspense Magazine Features The Twelve

Suspense Magazine for March 2013 has an article with Allan Leverone that mentions The Twelve, as well as a great Q&A suspense mag2with Allan. Here’s an excerpt.

S. MAG.: As a man who worked in Bangor, Maine at one time, home of one of the most famous and talented horror/thriller writers ever, did you and Stephen King ever meet? Perhaps sit around and swap nightmares?

A.L.: I wish! I can tell you that hanging around outside the wrought-iron fence in front of his house reading loudly from his work probably won’t get him to come out and talk to you. Unless things have changed since I lived there.
I lived in Bangor in the mid-1980s and at least back then, it was not at all unusual to see him around town. I remember once in particular, my wife and I were standing in line at the video store, and King was right in front of us. I really wanted to look over his shoulder to see what he was renting (Carrie?), but didn’t want to bother him.
suspense magThe funny part of the story is that even
then, he was extremely well-known, especially around Bangor, but the kid behind the counter didn’t
seem to have a clue who he was and asked him for ID…

S. MAG.: Along that line, if you could sit and talk to an author (either living or dead), who would it be? Would King be the choice, or would Poe be a contender?

A.L.: Wow, what a great question. Poe would definitely be a contender, as would King, both because of the effect they had on the horror genre specifically, but on writing in general as well.
Since we’re speculating, I would make it a group outing, maybe for drinks. In addition to the two already mentioned, I’d include Lawrence Block and Donald Westlake, two writers I truly admire. And Lee Child. Oh, and Shirley Jackson. And Brad Thor and Vince Flynn.
Now that I think about it, we might have to rent a banquet hall.

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