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Cheryl Bradshaw’s Flight 12: A Sloane Monroe Thriller is the newest release in The Twelve’s  Flight 12 project.

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Sometimes even the most innocent vacations turn deadly…

A fancy hotel. A weekend getaway. For Sloane Monroe, rest has finally arrived, until the lights go out and her nightmare begins.

Cheryl Bradshaw Flight 12

Cheryl Bradshaw’s Flight 12: A Sloane Monroe Thriller is the 4th in the Flight 12 collection. Start now! Collect and read all 12!

 Preceded by:

Flight 12: A Kristin Cunningham Thriller by Allan Leverone
Flight 12: A Laura Cardinal Thriller by J. Carson Black
Flight 12: A Jess Kimball Thriller by Diane Capri

So what’s this “Flight 12” thing all about, anyway?

Each month, The Twelve brings you one terrific NEW limited edition thriller from our award winning, bestselling authors.
Each book features new characters and those you already love.
At the end of each book, one person boards Flight 12.

If you collect and read each of these Limited Edition Flight 12 thrillers,
then YOU will tell US what you think happened to Flight 12.

If your proposed ending is selected, YOUR name could be on the cover of our last Flight 12 thriller!

So come along! We’re saving you a seat!

Thrillingly Yours,
The Twelve

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