Okay folks we had a winner for the first portion of the contest, now on to part 2.  The second portion is under the first part and in italics.  You can read the first section to get the backstory.  Remember, just guess who wrote the second part:

The Trip

Part 1

Gary Ponzo

Kyle Church didn’t notice the car until it was too late.  A red Ford Fiesta.  Something a teenager would drive, not a twenty year veteran of the CIA.  A professional spy who could who could appear as a woman as easily as a man.  The taxi driver had no clue someone was following them either.  It was only Kyle’s experience which picked up the tail.  Manhattan was the easiest place to hide in plain sight.  Nothing seemed out of place.  They were only twenty minutes from JFK and yet they might as well have been on the moon.  There was no chance he’d make Flight 12 alive.  Not as long as he still held the device in his pocket.

Kyle leaned forward and said, “Pull over.”

The taxi driver glanced at his rearview mirror with annoyance in his eyes.  “Now?  You’re not going to the airport?”


The driver kept staring at him through the mirror as if his glare might change Kyle’s mind.

“Now!” Kyle barked.

The driver reluctantly maneuvered his taxi to the right lane, receiving a few horn blasts as he squeezed between  slow-moving cars.

That’s when things went wrong.


Part 2- ?????

 Before the driver reached the curb, the Fiesta slammed into the back end of the cab. Kyle, having seen the car suddenly dart forward, had been able to brace himself. The driver, however, was not so lucky. His face bounced off the inflating airbag, breaking his nose and knocking him back into his headrest.  

Kyle tossed the twenty he’d been holding over the seat, threw the door open, and hurdled himself outside.  

As his feet hit the asphalt, he heard another door open but resisted the urge to glance over his shoulder. He knew it would be the guy from the Fiesta jumping out, too. What he needed to worry about was getting away.  

The sidewalk to Kyle’s right was filled with pedestrians, most stopped now and looking toward the accident. Beyond them were several office buildings, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to make it through the crowd before he’d get caught. That left him only one choice.  

Staying low, he hurried around the front of the cab, and ran out into the still moving traffic. Horns blared and drivers yelled, but Kyle ignored them all as he weaved his way down the street.  

There was an intersection ahead. If he could turn down it, he might be able to shake lose his tail. Unconsciously, he touched the device in his pocket as he looked for an opening between cars that would take him that way.  

He saw a narrow path appear just ahead.  

He was going to make it, he thought. He just needed to—  

The boom of a gunshot echoed down the street.

Okay, now who wrote Part 2? Leave your guesses in the comments.  Winner receives a free copy of the Flight 12 Flash Fiction project.

A- Cheryl Bradshaw

B- Joshua Graham

C- Brett Battles

D- Diane Capri

Happy Guessing.



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