Flight12_Flash_Cover_Ebook_FinalDo you want to read the latest creation from The Twelve?  Well, here’s your chance to see what happens when ten of the Twelve get together to create a story without ever consulting each other about the narrative.  Here’s how it worked.  One of the authors began with an idea and wrote a couple of paragraphs about someone being chased.  That’s it.  Then the next author continued the story, then passed it on to the next author.  The result is unreal.  Ten brilliant authors bringing their own talents to the table.  Also, anyone who signs up for our mailing list will receive a free copy of the Flight 12 Flash Thriller as well.

Here’s the contest part.  Do you think you know your favorite author’s style?  Well let’s put it to the test.  We will offer the first segment of the story below and you have to guess which of the Twelve authors wrote it.  We will give you names to choose from.  Simply leave your reply in the comments and we will pick a random winner.  The first winner will receive a free copy of the Flight 12 Flash Thriller and a paperback copy of Gary Ponzo’s first Nick Bracco thriller, “A Touch of Deceit.”

Okay, here’s your story:

Kyle Church didn’t notice the car until it was too late.  A red Ford Fiesta.  Something a teenager would drive, not a twenty year veteran of the CIA.  A professional spy who could who could appear as a woman as easily as a man.  The taxi driver had no clue someone was following them either.  It was only Kyle’s experience which picked up the tail.  Manhattan was the easiest place to hide in plain sight.  Nothing seemed out of place.  They were only twenty minutes from JFK and yet they might as well have been on the moon.  There was no chance he’d make Flight 12 alive.  Not as long as he still held the device in his pocket.

 Kyle leaned forward and said, “Pull over.”

The taxi driver glanced at his rearview mirror with annoyance in his eyes.  “Now?  You’re not going to the airport?”


 The driver kept staring at him through the mirror as if his glare might change Kyle’s mind. 

 “Now!” Kyle barked.

 The driver reluctantly maneuvered his taxi to the right lane, receiving a few horn blasts as he squeezed between slow-moving cars. 

 That’s when things went wrong.

Okay, who do you think wrote this part of the story?

A-Diane Capri

B-Carol Davis Luce

C-Cheryl Bradshaw

D-Gary Ponzo


Make your pick and we’ll leave the winner’s name in the comments below.

Also, anyone who signs up for our mailing list will receive a free copy of the Flight 12 Flash Thriller as well.

Happy guessing.



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