The Twelve Interviewed On Thriller Radio

The Twelve talk about Deadly Dozen on Blog Talk Radio

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Joshua Graham interviews the hottest new collective of bestselling thriller authors called THE TWELVE, who have come together for a collection of 12 Thriller/Mystery novels called DEADLY DOZEN.

The Power Of Author Collectives: Deadly Dozen on The Nook Blog

The Twelve featured on the Nook Blog in an interview about Thrillers, Indie Publishing and Facebook. Here’s an excerpt.

Deadly Dozen Nook FirstAuthor collectives offer a great way for indie authors to find a community–and to make that community work to their benefit.

With the launch of their twelve-book box set, Deadly Dozen, we asked the bestselling authors of the collective “The Twelve” to share  how they work together, what social media works for them and why they enjoy being part of an indie author collective. Here are some of their answers to a half-dozen questions.

What’s the benefit to individual authors to form a group like The Twelve?

Diane Capri: Quite simply, twelve authors have the potential to be twelve times as effective as one.

Vincent Zandri: I used to date a visual artist and I was always a little jealous at how she and other artists in the community went out of their way to support one another’s work. My experience with other writers was that they rarely wanted to support anyone other than themselves and their own ambitions. But that’s all changed with the eBook revolution in which everyone and anyone can be a player. Groups like The Twelve are designed to not only serve as a support platform for our writers, but also as a promotional tool.

Allan Leverone: Writing – and selling books – is not a zero-sum game. If I achieve a certain level of success, that does not come at the expense of another author. In fact, the opposite can be true. If a reader enjoys my books, what would make more sense than to check out books by similar authors, even if he’s not terribly familiar with them? That’s the basis for The Twelve: authors supporting one another while offering readers the chance to broaden their horizons. As mystery/thriller authors, our writing styles may differ, but we all offer great stories and tremendous value.

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