Flight 12: The Thrilling Conclusion!

The Flight 12 Project

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Flight 12: A Nick Bracco Thriller

FBI agent Nick Bracco is on a midnight flight from JFK to Rome when the flight mysteriously disappears. Is there a mechanical failure? Has the flight been hijacked? These are the questions readers have been waiting to discover since the first Flight 12 thriller was published over a year ago.

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The final book and thrilling conclusion to the Flight 12 project by The Twelve is now available at eBook online retailers!

Over the past year, each member of The Twelve published a special LIMITED EDITION thriller. At the end of each book, one person boards Flight 12 to Rome.

Readers devoured the Flight 12 books, and then chose the final ending!

We held contests and offered prizes for a full year until…

The Grand Finale Contest Winner was chosen:

Congratulations to Lisa Klein!

How does the Flight 12 Continuity Series End?

Read the Final Thrilling Conclusion to find out!

Flight 12: A Nick Bracco Thriller

If you haven’t collected and read each of these Flight 12 Limited Edition Thrillers –

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So come along! We’re saving you a seat!

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The Twelve